Samayas Consulting

Samays Consulting is a young company that specializes in a range of technical achievements.

We are here to guide you as an expert to a better future.

Our area of expertise is centralized in 3 different pilars :


In our software branch we can provide you with Enterprise Grade Architecture, or we can develop your Custom projects
Once that project has come to completion or if you have any other needs we can provide Hosting for your projects.
Should you desire to participate in this software journey than we can assist you with Coaching.


In our network branch we can provide you with a Network Design of your future network.
Seperatly or together with the network desgin we can also implement your Wifi Deployments in a complex environment.
Once both are implemented we can Manage and Monitor your firewalls.


In our domotics branch we can provide you with some guidance over Knx.
The next step in that automation is Security Cameras where you can have a remote view.
The final phase of domotization is extra integration and Custom Hardware should you need that final step down the line.